Cher Prayers For This World Video (2017 Cries From Syria)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 Is A GREAT Year For Cher Fans: A Quick Look At Cher's Upcoming Projects -- New Song, New Concerts, New Film, New Play & More!

2017 ought to be a fantastic year for Cher fans! We'll definitely get to hear a new song, Cher will return to the stage, and there are a number of other projects that she is working on -- take a look:

Prayers For This World
What: new song
When: January 2017

Prayers For This World is Cher's new song. The singer revealed that Diane Warren (If I Could Turn Back Time, You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me) wrote the "heartbreaking" song, whilst Piers Baron proudly announced on Twitter that he produced the track: "It's a HUGE honor to work with @cher and @Diane_Warren to help to tell this essential story."

The song is from Cries From Syria, an upcoming documentary that is to be debuted at the late-January Sundance Film Festival. US cable network HBO have acquired the film and will air it on 03 March.

CHER: "I got choked up at one point... Diane is a f--king genius."

Classic Cher
What: new residency
When: February - September, 2017

Cher's Las Vegas residency will take place at the Park Theater at the Monte Carlo, from February 8, 2017 - February 25, 2017, and again from May 3, 2017 - May 20, 2017. Between those dates, "Classic Cher" will take residency at The Theater at MGM National Harbor at Washington, DC, between March 17 - March 26, before returning there from August 31 to September 10. Tickets can be purchased at

Classic Cher DVD?
What: DVD release
When: possibly mid-to-late 2017

Cher hinted that her fans could be treated to a home video release of Classic Cher.

What: TV movie
When: mid-to-late 2017

Cher is to executive produce and star in TV movie Flint, about the water-contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan. Written by Barbara Stepansky, the film will be shown on Lifetime. The film is expected to begin production in the spring, with Bruce Beresford tapped to be its director.

Cher will play the key role of a Flint resident whose family is seriously impacted by the water crisis.

Broadway Play
What: Cher's Broadway play
When: God knows! (production began in 2011!)

With a working title of The Cher Show, Cher has been working on a Broadway-aimed musical based on her life and career.

In the production, the characters of Babe, lady and Star represent Cher at different moments of her life: Babe is Cher from being a teenager who falls for Sonny Bono; Lady is Cher as a successful music star navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry; and Star is the Cher we know today with a fascinating wealth of life experience, successes, and failures.

I Got You Babe, Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Take Me Home, Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time are among a large number of Cher songs featured within the play. Daryl Waters is musical supervisor.

In This Climate
What: short film
When: early 2017

Indian-born director and producer Pablo Ganguli, is releasing a short documentary about the perils of climate change, titled In This Climate. Cher, Mark Ruffalo, Vivienne Westwood, Marina Abramovic, and Noam Chombsky are among some of the celebrated visionaries whose concerns are voiced in this critical short film.

In This Climate is set to be released in early 2017, with screenings in festivals, events, and universities worldwide.

Cher Scarves by VIDA
What: scarf range
When: now

Cher teamed up with VIDA, for whom she has designed a range of stunning scarves, available to purchase on their website.

CHER: "I am excited to be working with VIDA. They present an outlet for artists from all over the world to have their art seen, appreciated and worn. They also have a charitable program built into their company by providing basic education to their factory workers. This is what drew me to them as a company."

The Emoji Movie?
What: animated movie
When: August 04, 2017

August 2017 will see the release of computer-animated adventure comedy film The Emoji Movie (previously known as Emojimovie: Express Yourself) -- And rumours surfaced that Cher is to star, or at least cameo, in it.

Cmoji App
What: emoji app
When: another "God knows!"

In late 2015, Cher mentioned that she was working on an app of her own set of emoji's, entitled "Cmoji" -- similar to Kim Kardashian's "Kimoji" app, which came much later.

CHER, 2016: "I have worked hard on Cmoji, since last year. Kim's drops tomorrow. But wait... There's room for two gorgeous diva-moji queens. I'm old school. She is what's new"

Excitingly, that's not everything, as Cher has stated that she is working on a perfume, has mentioned a new album multiple times, and may have a further move in the pipeline. It seems that the quiet 2016 may have been the calm before the storm. Excited?


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