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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cher To Release 'Classic Cher' on DVD?

A tweet by Cher seemingly indicates that Classic Cher will be released on DVD.

It was a a near-crime that Cher's rock-ish, sexy Love Hurts Tour was not recorded for home video release in the early-1990's. And it was actually shocking when it was revealed that her 2008-2011 Las Vegas residency was not filmed for a DVD/Blu-ray release.

When it comes to her 2014 Dressed To Kill Tour, we can forgive the lack of its release due to the tour's fate.

However, with no new Cher concert release since 2003's Farewell Tour DVD, her fans are more than eager for the Believe-singer to release her next concerts for home viewing.

Emmy Award-winning music legend Cher will be heading to Las Vegas in February 2017 for a short residency, before heading to Washington DC. The set-list will feature many of the star's greatest hits whilst sporting her usual over-the-top costumes.

Now, the star has seemingly revealed that Classic Cher will be released on video.

One fan tweeted about the steep price of the Classic Cher tickets that he purchased, to which Cher responded, "Are you f--king kidding me!? Did you buy from scalper!? Wait and watch video when it comes out".

"Video", you say Cher?

The 70-year-old entertainment legend may have meant video footage à la fan-recorded footage uploaded onto YouTube. However, it's more likely that Cher meant that Classic Cher will be released on DVD/Blu-ray! Fingers crossed.

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  1. Yay!!!! Cannot wait. Can't make the shows so this is wonderful news!!

  2. It's so sad the love hurts tour was not recorded.

    1. Absolutely! She looked and sounded phenomenal

  3. But luckily i have the live hurts tour on vhs and 2 different live in las vegas at Caesars shows on dvd,and dressed to kill was filmed for release

    1. Dressed to kill wasn't filmed for release. Cher said

    2. How do you know it was filmed Jason?

    3. Can you IBox me on FB ?-Jimbè Jimbe

  4. That fan who Cher tweeted back to was me (explorer801). For the record I didn't buy from scalper. I bought from a secondary site because Ticketmaster does not accept PayPal which is all I have to pay with.