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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cher Sued A Whopping $5-Million Over Closer To The Truth Font

Singing superstar Cher is reportedly being sued for a whopping $5-million for allegedly stealing the font used on her 2013 Closer To The Truth album cover.

The album features the Woman's World-singer's name and album title written in gold lettering with swishes around the font. According to TMZ, graphic designer Moshik Nadev claims to have created the typeface in 2011 and is said to have earned acclaimed from graphic design websites.

His font, titled Paris Logo, was even reportedly used by Vogue magazine. Nadev alleges that the thickness of the swishes on Cher's album cover are identical to those on his typeface. The New York-based Israeli designer claims to have contacted Cher, her record label Warner Bros., and the graphic designers who created the album logo but they allegedly refused to co-operate and continued to sell the record.

However, Cher appears to have no knowledge of ever being contacted by Nadev, as she responded to news of the lawsuit via Twitter today, writing: "Weird... I had no idea of this man's existence. Is it possible to copy-right type face."

Closer To The Truth is Cher's highest-charting solo album on the US Billboard 200 chart, peaking at #3 in 2013. The 11-track album, which features the US Dance #1 single Woman's World and UK Top 40 ballad I Hope You Find It, also reached #4 in the UK. Sharing her inspiration for the album, Cher told Billboard in 2013: "The first half of the album are the songs that you play before you're going out to dance and the second are the ones that you play after you've come home."

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