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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cher Shares Memories Of George Michael And Carrie Fisher

Highly-successful singer-songwriter George Michael died on Christmas Day, and Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher died just two days later.

Cher took to Twitter today to comment on the passing of the two much-loved worldwide stars, whilst sharing memories of the two of them.

The 70-year-old If I Could Turn Back Time singer took to the social networking site to tell her 3-million followers: "So sad about Carrie and George, I have no words. I keep forgetting and then suddenly remember. Such great artists dying, and many are too young. Am heartsick."

Cher then recalled memories of Princess Leia actress Fisher: "Talked to her on the phone: ironic, sarcastic and hysterical at the same time. Went to a few wacky Penny [Marshall]/Carrie Birthday parties".

The Moonstruck actress then recalled a memory of Faith singer Michael: "One time I was talking to George at a disco. I got up, danced six songs, came back, leaned over him, and didn't realize that I was sweating drops all over his shirt. We laughed."

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