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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cher Has Listed Hollywood Condominium Unit For $5.5 Million

Cher, early 2013
Cher is selling her West Hollywood condominium unit for $5.5 million.

Cher purchased a luxury 4,000-square-foot condominium unit in West Hollywood's 32-story Sierra Towers for $4.5 million in early 2006 from seller Ian Vincent Gallo - who sold several units in the building at the time.

Seven years later, and after a major redesign, the 66-year-old star has listed the one-bedroom unit for $5.5 million - $1 million more than she purchased it for.

Sierra Towers condominium, West Hollywood
Sierra Towers boasts an impressive list of current and former residents including Sir Elton John, Joan Collins, 'Friends' stars Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox and Cher's ex-boyfriend and longtime friend David Geffen. However, 'TMZ' - who seemingly first reported the news of the listed property - said that Cher's unit is the only two-storey one in the entire building.

The online publication also reported that the listed unit, located in the top-half of the celebrity-packed building, also comes with "an outdoor terrace, 24-hour concierge service, a gym, pool, sun deck and breathtaking panoramic views".

Interior of Cher's Sierra Towers unit

Interior of Cher's Sierra Towers unit

Interior of Cher's Sierra Towers unit

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  2. Daniel, i didnt really imagine running a blog would cost money like that..because I run the Lisa Lisa fan blog but I haven't paid money for it.. but if it does cost you money, then it does. I really didn't mean to come off so nasty, i'm really not normally like that, I'm just disappointed to see the blog go. This is like the only site i ever visit for news cus the other ones were slacking. I agree with Mylez, you have done a fantastic job and I appreciate you keeping us up to date with everything. Again, please accept my apologies and I wish you well.

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  4. Maybe Cher can help you out? It's in her interest too!
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  5. i really dont want to see this blog go! in my personal i think its the best one! in every way !how can i help by donating? i´m from Argentina

  6. He's not a loser this is the best blog ever! i have followed this blog since 2011 when i first got Cher fan and blogs can be pretty expensive so i understand you.
    It's very sad that this blog has to go.

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