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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cher's New Album Is Close to Completion

Cher in the recording studio, August 2012
Singer Cher has revealed that she has completed the majority of her new album's recordings.

Earlier, Cher tweeted, "I'm On the way to the recording studio. I've got two lines of Timbaland's song to pick up. Love it."

She continued, "Then I'm going to listen to all the tracks that are completed and see if any of them need work."

Some hours later, the iconic diva let on that most of the songs on her new album are completed. On Twitter, she wrote, “I've just got home! I've finished Timbaland's song! And cleaned up most tracks! There's a few to go!”

She then announced that she is already thinking about the first song's music video, and some remixes – either for that song or for the whole album; “[We] talked about remixes and video!”, she typed.

Cher went on to once again declare her love for the song that will serve as the album's lead single, saying - with capitals, “LOVE the first song”.

Cher has Pink's two songs still to record plus the public are currently unaware of the status of her possible collaboration with Christina Aguilera.

Clearly, Cher is in the final stages of getting her upcoming album finished; there's not long left to go now, Cher fans!

Cher Stares at the camera


  1. Can't wait for it!! :D x

  2. Kan't gueit nider!LOL!


  3. In her hole career she never took so long 4 album. This was nuts. We need her muzaak.

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I've missed Cher alot. It will lift my spirits when it comes out. I suffer from very bad depression. LOVE you Cher.

  5. How many songs are on the new CD? 15 songs ?

  6. We can't wait to hear all the new songs!

  7. Can't wait! Love You Cher!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx She is sooooooo FIT!

  8. I want it in my hands, LOVE Cher, i cant more for this special album we have expected your new album love you and missed you Diva Cher:)

  9. I'm looking forward to Cher's new album and music videos very much.

  10. this wt 2 lng. it b crzy 2 b 11 ys. i wt cher now

  11. Cher baby, just give me 'one more chance'!! Xxxx please, I love you :( xxxxxxxxx

  12. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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