Wednesday, September 21, 2016

GALLERY: 11 Times Kim Kardashian Copied Idol Cher's Fashion Style

UK publication 'The Sun' have pointed out similarities between Kim Kardashian's and Cher's outfits over the years:

KIM Kardashian is known as a fashionista and is regularly making headlines for her cutting-edge clothing.

You’d be forgiven for thinking she was a trend-setter, but we’ve actually seen it all before.

Four Cher Hits Included In New Top Of The Pops Definitive 3CD Collections

Iconic BBC series Top Of The Pops are releasing eight albums jam-packed with top hits - and four of Cher's classic chart hits are included.

Each one of the eight albums contain 3 CDs. Meaning that there are a total of 24 CDs!

And spread over the overall 24 CDs are some of the most-loved songs from 1964 all the way to 2006, including those by Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Jones, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, ABBA, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Kate Bush, Blondie, The Jam, Earth Wind & Fire, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Human League, Wham!, Tina Turner, Simple Minds, Soul II Soul, R.E.M., Duran Duran, The Cure, Seal, New Order, Hanson, Texas, Paul Weller, Oasis, Stereophonics, Take That, Outkast - and Goddess of Pop Cher!

Cher's Jawline Is One Of The Most Requested Plastic Surgery Requests!

Cher is arguably one of the most beautiful entertainers in the world, so it's hardly surprising that women want to look like her.

But it may come as a surprise that it is her jawline that most women appear to ask for when they decide to go under the plastic surgeon's knife: Marie Claire reports:

They say that beauty is in the eye of beholder, but we’re actually all predisposed to find particular features and proprtions attractive. Beauty is, in fact, in the eye of science. Angles, contours, curves and proportions of the face that work in harmony end up creating the concept of ‘beauty’. In layman terms, if a person’s face is in good proportion, we are more likely to notice it and find it beautiful.

Cher Gets Us Excited For Next Month: Talks About October Appearances and Exciting Announcement. Also Tweets About New CD!

Today, Cher once again mentioned that October is going to be an exciting month for her fans.

The Emmy Award-winning entertainer posted a tweet on social networking site Twitter stating that she will be very active in October.

Firstly, Cher revealed that will be heading out to support Hilary Clinton once again on her presidential campaign - in which Cher may perform a few of her hit singles!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

OMG! In October, Cher Will Announce 2017 Concerts!!!

Cher tweeted that she will be "gigging" in 2017!

On Twitter, Cher messaged one fan about having a great day that included her loving the re-write of the script of the upcoming play based on her life, and having a fitting for the clothes she'll be wearing for the press.

However, the greatest and most exciting part of this tweet is that Cher revealed that she will be gigging - performing concerts - in 2017! - and that the official press release for it will come in October!...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cher Lloyd Dresses As Her Legendary Namesake Cher For Halloween TV Special

Remember Cher Lloyd? The UK 'The X Factor' contestant is most famous in her homeland for her #1 single 'Swagger Jagger', whilst being most famous for her Top 10 'Want U Back' across the pond in the US.

The young starlet, whom managed to score two US Top 15 albums, was named by her mother after legendary 'Moonstruck' actress and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer Cher.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Exciting! Cher Finishes Two Songs In Recording Studio!

Recording legend Cher has tweeted that she has just been in the recording studio and finished two songs!

Excitingly, just hours ago, singing legend Cher tweeted to one fan that she was "On way to studio".

Just a few hours later, the perennially-stunning songstress let another fan know that she had finsihed two songs: "Finished all my dialogue and two songs. One song is going to be remixed and remixed‼️
It's crazy fresh outer space".

Cher To PERFORM Hit Singles For Clinton Campaign?

Chart-topping singer Cher may perform a few of her hit singles for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

The 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer has been making public appearances to support Clinton on her current campaign for Presidency, and even sang along to a snippet of her own 2013 hit single 'Woman's World' at Clinton's fundraiser in Provincetown last month.